Message from Perry to all staff!

26th October 2021

Dear all St Pierre’s Associates


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your extraordinary hard work during this very tricky period!

A special thanks to everyone in Auckland and Hamilton in Level 3, who are trading under a totally different – and much more difficult! – environment.

You have continued to make high sales even with only Uber, Contactless, and walk up! You are all amazing!

In fact, some of you are achieving sales levels even higher than before COVID – a truly remarkable achievement! This demonstrates the real power of commitment and teamwork.

In addition, a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL of you outside of Auckland of who have worked so hard to deliver a great customer experience in our stores as well as great quality products. You are definitely doing a great job making sure customers love our food and keep coming back !

We are all Partners in our Business!


At this point, I would just like to remind everybody that at St Pierre’s, we operate in a partnership system. The company succeeds when our people grow! So, one of the key aspects of our partnership system is to see you successfully make progress in your career!

When our shops are always so busy it’s easy to forget, but we have big opportunities at St Pierre’s for your personal growth! we’ve been working on ways to make those opportunities clearer and easier to access.

Recently, we have developed our “7 Steps to Partnership”  which lays out a clear plan of opportunity for all people working at St Pierre’s!

The 7 Steps to Partnership is simple. It begins level

1) Crew Member

2) Kitchen Trainer

3) Customer Service Trainer

4) Shift Supervisor (3IC)

5) Assistant Manager (2IC)

6) Store Manager (1IC), and finally

7) St Pierre’s Partner

This is a clear pathway enabling progress to Partnership. It shows what you need to do to move up one or more levels, and makes clear what the benefits are. Would you like to aim high and become a Manager too? Or would you just like to develop yourself further in the company.

Maybe you have already grown to the next level – and you (and your store team) just don’t know it! We want to make aiming high both attractive and achievable!

It’s the first time we have laid out a clear plan for all store associates. It’s a step-by-step process and each step will be supported by:

1) Additional training

2) Extra support, and of course

3) Pay rises

We want you to succeed, because your success helps everyone! There will be more information coming out soon!

So, what are your own goals?

Why don’t you take the opportunity to improve? The first step is to talk to your Store Manager – just tell them that you’d like to be involved in the plan. Then they will help you in your next career choice! What have you got to lose?

The opportunities are there for everyone – let’s go for it !

Let’s all keep improving and growing!

All the very best, and stay safe,


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