Tony (Bombay)

Welcome to our latest St. Pierre’s partner feature.

Today we’re in Bombay, south of Auckland, visiting Tony, whose passion for food and community has taken him half way around the world!

“Growing up in China, my parents ran a fast-food shop. I was inspired by how they always created nutritious, interesting dishes for their family and community. I really love Asian food – especially Chinese and Japanese – and came to New Zealand ten years ago to broaden my culinary horizons by studying cooking here.”

Tony interned at St. Pierre’s Lunn Avenue while still in school, transferred to Elliot Street as assistant manager for two years, and by his third year was back at Lunn Ave as sushi department manager. After six years, on 3 June 2021 Tony became the partner for the new Bombay shop.

Tony in a rare quiet moment on opening day!

“When I was an intern, I understood quickly that St Pierre’s treats its staff well, offering benefits small companies don’t. That’s why I decided to aim to be a partner early on, making St. Pierre’s where I develop my career. I value staff benefits and a company’s growth potential, and St Pierre’s is a model example of those. Above all, the culture here is warm and welcoming, and full of opportunities.

The journey really has exceeded my expectations. Becoming a partner has significantly increased my income, which gives me confidence I can look after a growing family. My next goal is to run the best partnership shop in NZ – I have tough competition, so it will be a challenge!”

The Bombay shop is in a motorway service centre, on the border of the Auckland and Waikato regions. The huge traffic volumes on State Highway 1 mean many customers are travellers taking a break – but not all.

“A lot of our customers are passing through, but there is a small, tight-knit Bombay community. I’ve been contacting local schools and working to provide them our freshly-made sushi. I’m sure we’ll form a strong relationship.”

Tony with his team on opening day

  “Food is about aroha. Creating food which people love is about looking after people, both the people eating it and the people making it. I often get my staff drinks from the Coffee Club and the dairy next door, and when we’ve had a great sales day, I buy them KFC after work or for lunch. Also, on special occasions like New Year, I organize small team gatherings in local restaurants.”

Tony enjoying a peaceful moment at Tāpapakanga Regional Park, Firth of Thames

“I have an international team – my staff are from different countries and cultures. It’s a wonderful team that represents the diversity of New Zealand. Many of my staff are of Māori descent, and I am glad they treat me as whānau. Through meaningful daily interactions with the team and customers, I have realized we share a lot of cultural values. I feel a real connection to NZ and the Bombay locals, and now view NZ as my home.”

Tony is proud of his achievements and the lifestyle he has built. At St. Pierre’s, we’re proud to have amazing people like Tony on our team! We have a strong culture of being “people first”, supporting each other as we set challenging goals. Tony’s philosophy about food and community have taken him far, and we’re sure he will continue to reach new heights! Here’s to everyone across the St. Pierre’s Group aiming high!

7 Steps to Partnership Q&A

Hi everyone! Thanks for your interest in our 7 Steps to Partnership Programme!
We’ve had a lot of questions about it, so we’ve put the answers together in this Q&A article. Read on!


Simple. We are a People-first Partnership. That means want our staff to aim high, learn more, take on responsibility, and earn more. When our people grow, so do we as a company!


It’s our way of creating more opportunities for our staff, and to make those opportunities clear and accessible. We want you all to see the career advancement here, and take them!

We used to have five main roles, now we have seven. The gap from crew to 3IC is now much smaller!


Lots, but mainly the Kitchen Trainer and Service Trainer positions. These bridge the gap from crew to the manager team (3IC and up). It helps you step up, apply what you’ve learned, and earn more!


The new positions are called “Trainer” because everyone above crew is, in reality, a trainer! Experienced staff help new crew all the time. If you have mastered kitchen skills, why not take on the authority to train others? More responsibility means more pay!


It depends on how fast you learn and how well you work. But you could be promoted from Crew to a Trainer position in just 2-3 months!

This training course logo encapsulates the spirit of taking on a challenge and climbing high!


Don’t worry! It’s OK for one shop to have more than one Kitchen Trainer, Service Trainer or 3IC. We want people to learn and get promoted. And don’t forget, St. Pierre’s is a growing company. We’re opening new shops and need experienced staff to run them. There’s space for everyone to grow!

If you have any more questions, please let us know! The Programme is designed to help front line staff grow – the more you ask, the more we can make it better for you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Introducing the 7 Steps to Partnership!

Hi everyone! Today we’re introducing an exciting development at St. Pierre’s – our 7 Steps to Partnership Programme!

Our Purpose as a company is creating opportunities for others to achieve their dreams, and one of our Guiding Principles is that we grow our People. The 7 Steps Programme is a framework for everyone to grow, no matter what level they are at now.

Our 7 Steps to Partnership, showing the two new roles

We want our staff to be ambitious and take on responsibility. We provide training to help you build your skills and confidence, so you can move up when you are ready. And at each Step, your pay will increase! We think it’s only fair to reward staff who want to learn more and improve their skills.

The new roles are Kitchen Trainer and Service Trainer. They provide an accessible route for crew members to be promoted, and a stepping stone toward becoming a manager. Trainers need to know all service/kitchen skills and can teach new staff. After a few months as crew, you could have the skills to be a Trainer without realising it!

We want everyone at St. Pierre’s to grow. Even if you don’t want to be a manager now, why not become a Trainer so you can help others and earn more for yourself?

Your manager will be in touch about how the Programme will work in your shop. No matter if you are new or experienced, there is room for you to grow. The Programme shows the way ahead. Please take up the challenge of learning more and earning more!