Profit Sharing 2023

Dear St Pierre’s family

I hope you are all well!

Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the Profit Sharing 2022 meetings.
After all the difficulties of the last few years, we really enjoyed the five meetings held around the country. It was wonderful to meet you all again and celebrate your successes and milestones!

It also looked like everyone was enjoying catching up with old friends from other shops around the region. As well as enjoying each other’s company, events such as profit sharing are a reminder of the support networks we have beyond our individual shops and of the talent in the greater St. Pierre’s family.

Explaining the profit-sharing system to the big crowd in Auckland

These events are also unique to St. Pierre’s. They are like the Annual General Meeting of a publicly listed company, where we announce the financial results and how much money is being paid out. But instead of shareholders, the attendees are our long-serving staff! I don’t know of any other company which shares its profits with staff in this way, and it’s one way we show our thanks for your effort, dedication and loyalty.

Perry warming up the crowd!

Profit sharing 2023

This will be the 26th year of our Profit-sharing Programme. I am really proud to say we have over 500 people in our plan, and this year, we paid an extra 12% on top of staff pay – or 6 weeks extra wages! – into the Programme!

Despite everything that has happened in the past few years, company sales have grown strongly, and this success is thanks to the hard work and positive attitude of all our team members. Profit sharing is one of the ways that we share our success with you, and forms part of our “Partnership culture” which is one of the many ways that St. Pierre’s is different!

The Rotorua team enjoying the relaxed atmosphere

Recently, we asked you what you did with your profit sharing payments. The most popular response was overseas travel. Many of our staff are from or have family overseas, and it’s great to help people reconnect with loved ones after the COVID border closures.

Other common responses were new cars, phones and computers, house deposits and renovations, and money to spend on family. We’re proud that the Programme help make a difference in people’s lives, and we look forward to hearing what staff do with their payments this year.

Celebrating the achievements of the St. Pierre’s Wellington team

Above all, thank you for your effort and commitment, which is the key to the success of your stores and teams. Thank you also for coming to the meetings, and enjoy spending your profit sharing payments!

Warm regards


The St. Pierre’s Christchurch team in party mood!

Cyclone Gabrielle update

I’m just writing to share an update about how our people have fared in the terrible weather over the last few weeks, particularly Cyclone Gabrielle.

In short, all of our people are OK. This is more important than anything else. Shop operations are returning to normal in most places, but with the damage to many homes, it will take a long time for the communities to recover. Still, we will keep doing what we can as a company and as individual community members to help the people around us.

Five of our shops were affected by the cyclone. Grange Warkworth and Silverdale – in the north of Auckland – suffered heavy flooding, power cuts and internet outages during the worst of the rain. Staff had difficulty getting home the day the cyclone hit, but were all OK. The damage was ultimately minimal, and the shops were able to reopen after just one day closed.

As you will know, the storm damage in Hawke’s Bay was severe, particularly in and around Napier. Taradale, where several of our staff live, was evacuated, with some of our st¯f spending the night at an evacuation centre. However, everyone was fine and their houses undamaged. Once the rain eased, the Hawke’s Bay St. Pierre’s team swung into action. The power was on at the Hastings shop, but the two Napier shops (Carlyle Street and Onekawa) were without power for some time.

This meant the ingredients would soon be wasted. With no phone reception, it was difficult for managers to check on their staff, but Takashi and Francisco did the best they could to distribute food and check on their teams. Hastings manager Hiromi – who lives in Napier – also got some ingredients from Napier and took them back to the Hastings fridge. After cleaning on Friday, Hastings shop reopened on Saturday, but with deliveries disrupted, regular operation was not possible, so the decision was made to make sushi and distribute it to people in need.

Hiromi and his team made a total of about 170 rolls on Sunday, taking 40 rolls to a local evacuation centre, 30 to a food hub in Hastings, and 100 to Pakowhai Road, one of the most devastated areas. A few days earlier, people had been rescued by helicopter off house rooves there, but by Sunday the cleanup and salvage work was underway. Simply wanting to provide some encouragement, Hiromi stopped by every house and handed out one pack of sushi per person. It was just a token gesture, but well appreciated by the locals working to rebuild their lifestyles.

In terms of support from head office, our team has been working hard to resume deliveries so that the shops can reopen. All three Hawke’s Bay were up and running by Friday 24th February and ready to serve their communities again. All staff wages lost due to the shop closures are being covered by head office, and we are working to provide whatever other support we can to our staff and their broader community.

In short, it has been a terrible few weeks for many people around NZ, but the way that people have pulled together and supported each other has been heartening to see. Few parts of NZ have been spared by this disaster, so please keep helping the people around you however you can, which we will continue to do also.

Please stay strong for each other.


Hiromi and team keeping positive despite the terrible events while making sushi on Sunday


Dear St Pierre’s family

I hope you are all well!

I am very excited to announce the dates for Profit sharing 2022 which will be held live in all regions this year and will be a great opportunity to get together and celebrate your successes and milestones in the Company!

Profit sharing 2023

This will be the 26th year of our Profit-sharing Program and I am really proud to say we have over 500 people in our plan.

Profit sharing is one of the ways that St Pierre’s shares its success with you, as you important members of our St Pierre’s family, and forms part of our “Partnership culture” which is one of the foundations of our success!

The locations of all our meetings will be sent out to you soon as well as the list of all eligible profit sharing members.

At the meetings we will be celebrating the amazing milestones of all of you, the successes of your stores and teams, as your performance’s, share some food and drinks, and of course we will be handing out your Profit sharing certificates!

I look forward to see you at our most important yearly events!

Warm regards


Please note the dates below:

AUCKLAND 21st MARCH 2023 (includes Whangarei)





*Separate dates will be advised for New Plymouth, Queenstown and Invercargill *Please note you must attend the meeting to receive your certificates*