As I write this to update you on what is happening in our Company, we have heard the terrible news about the huge 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami to hit Northern Japan.

On behalf of  all of St Pierres  wish to send condolences to all our Japanese associates, and sincerely hope that all your  families are safe and sound. Please let us know if you need any help in any way.

Of course we have had to deal with our own disasters recently, with the main focus on the Christchurch earthquake.

Our Christchurch teams have made us proud. They have showed team work, dedication, and a amazing spirit. Many of them were without power or water for days, but they still came to work every day to get the shops up and running.

Hiromi and our amazing managers including Kei, Take, Kazuyo, Taka, Umaporn, Masaya,Mika and their great teams  showed amazing leadership in a very tough time. Other associates such as Kyoko helped by supplying sushi to their community. An amazing job. Read their stories.

Northlands, Riccarton, and Bush Inn are now up and running, and are flat out! South City has gone through a huge cleanup and now is ready to open next week. Unfortunately Triangle and Shades will not open for a few months, as they were right in the city centre.

Check out the photos, read their stories.

On the good news front, our new store in Johnsonville opened last week, and looks as if its a winner!

Thank you to all of you for doing a great job at St Pierre’s and for making our customers happy! Lets keep them all coming back for the Worlds best sushi and seafood!




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Our latest shop St Pierre’s store opened in Johnsonville Mall, Wellington on the 2nd March with great success. The store is managed by Yuri Maeda, who ran our Dukes shop.

Customers started coming from early in the morning and continued through the day.

We wish to thank our fantastic opening team of Yuri, Jackie, Lya and Keiko Sasaki from Auckland who all did a great job of organizing and preparing for the opening. Thanks guys for a fantastic job.

We would also like to thank out architect and project manager Edwin Surtida for the great effort in designing and getting the shop built, as well as the Office support team of Takeshi, Suresh, Satomi for getting the store systems up and running.

You guys are brilliant!!!


Thank you


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Kyoko from our Riccarton shop was without water and power for many days after the earthquake,

but she was there to help opening Riccarton shop the next day!

Later she  helped the community with some fresh St Pierre’s Sushi !

Thanks a lot Kyoko you are fantastic!