Video interview 5: TJ (Glen Innes Bento Bowl)

Hi again! Today we’re back in Glen Innes, talking to TJ, assistant manager at Bento Bowl…

or we tried to! The lunch rush started early, so he’s flat out making great meals. They sure do a lot of takeaway orders in GI!

So the best we could do was video him at work. Check out the speed and accuracy in this bowl making!

Don’t these salads just look delicious?
Did we mention GI has been recognised for excellence?
Manager Aod and Assistant Manager TJ know how to run a great shop!

Video interview 4: Mizuho (Glen Innes sushi)

Hi there! Today our mini interview series moves to Glen Innes, in Auckland’s vibrant inner eastern suburbs. Manager Mizuho tells us how they’re managing in Level 3, while also renovating the shop!

GI has two doors, and Mizuho’s team have set them up with Uber Eats and online pickup on the road side, and the main carpark side door (where queueing is safer) for walk up and phone orders.

The setup has been hugely successful, as sales have been high and the shop really busy. Check out the video and pictures to find out more!

The new light fittings and seating area – nearly ready!
New flooring coming soon. Also note table and fridge by the front door to serve walkup customers

Video interview 3: Ravi (Newmarket Market Room)

Hi again! In this interview, Market Room manager Ravi shows off his shop’s pride and joy, the fresh seafood department, and talks about the shop’s COVID-19 measures, including a rope barrier keeping customers 1 metre from the food (and thus two metres from staff).

He also talks about how the sushi department is really busy, even busier than before lockdown despite the restrictions. We think it must be your great service, Ravi and team – thanks so much!