Profit Sharing Meetings photo gallery

We’ve had requests for more photos from the meetings. There were too many to fit in the regular post – so here are all our profit sharing meeting pics, organised by meeting, north to south.

See if you can see yourself in them!!!

Auckland meeting – welcome!

Crowd panoramas

The crowd during the directors’ presentation

Finally – presentation of profit sharing certificates to our amazing staff!

Hamilton profit sharing – people and scenes!

Everyone was happy to get their certificates!

Wellington – what an lively meeting!

Christchurch profit sharing – amazing scenes over dinner!

The Christchurch team celebrating their success!

Thanks again for coming everyone!

Hope you had a great time, and see you in store soon!

Profit Sharing 2023

Dear St Pierre’s family

I hope you are all well!

Thank you so much to everyone for coming to the Profit Sharing 2022 meetings.
After all the difficulties of the last few years, we really enjoyed the five meetings held around the country. It was wonderful to meet you all again and celebrate your successes and milestones!

It also looked like everyone was enjoying catching up with old friends from other shops around the region. As well as enjoying each other’s company, events such as profit sharing are a reminder of the support networks we have beyond our individual shops and of the talent in the greater St. Pierre’s family.

Explaining the profit-sharing system to the big crowd in Auckland

These events are also unique to St. Pierre’s. They are like the Annual General Meeting of a publicly listed company, where we announce the financial results and how much money is being paid out. But instead of shareholders, the attendees are our long-serving staff! I don’t know of any other company which shares its profits with staff in this way, and it’s one way we show our thanks for your effort, dedication and loyalty.

Perry warming up the crowd!

Profit sharing 2023

This will be the 26th year of our Profit-sharing Programme. I am really proud to say we have over 500 people in our plan, and this year, we paid an extra 12% on top of staff pay – or 6 weeks extra wages! – into the Programme!

Despite everything that has happened in the past few years, company sales have grown strongly, and this success is thanks to the hard work and positive attitude of all our team members. Profit sharing is one of the ways that we share our success with you, and forms part of our “Partnership culture” which is one of the many ways that St. Pierre’s is different!

The Rotorua team enjoying the relaxed atmosphere

Recently, we asked you what you did with your profit sharing payments. The most popular response was overseas travel. Many of our staff are from or have family overseas, and it’s great to help people reconnect with loved ones after the COVID border closures.

Other common responses were new cars, phones and computers, house deposits and renovations, and money to spend on family. We’re proud that the Programme help make a difference in people’s lives, and we look forward to hearing what staff do with their payments this year.

Celebrating the achievements of the St. Pierre’s Wellington team

Above all, thank you for your effort and commitment, which is the key to the success of your stores and teams. Thank you also for coming to the meetings, and enjoy spending your profit sharing payments!

Warm regards


The St. Pierre’s Christchurch team in party mood!

Profit Sharing Meetings!

Hey everyone! One of our big series of events, the 2022 profit sharing meetings, has just finished for the year – and what a big show it was!

We started with the Auckland and Whangārei gathering on 21 March. The biggest of our meetings needed a big venue – the JW Marriott Hotel ballroom – to hold the 200+ staff! The rainy day and terrible traffic delayed the start, but that was just more time to catch up with friends from other shops and put the hard questions to head office staff! The atmosphere was bubbling even before the main meeting began. 

The atmosphere was bubbling even before the meeting began!

As well as an overview of the company’s results and profit sharing payments, Nick, Perry and Costa took the opportunity to reiterate the company’s principles and values, focusing on how they matter in the shop on a daily basis. One of the great strengths of St. Pierre’s is the close, two-way communication between shops and head office, and this session was another example of it.

Nick warming up the Auckland attendees!
Perry getting right into explaining why profit sharing is so important!

But the highlight of the evenings was the handing our of profit sharing certificates, when we recognise and show gratitude to our dedicated staff. Beginning with the longest-serving team members, everyone came up to receive their certificates and take in the respect of their peers. The strength of the appreciation shown from fellow staff was genuinely heart-warming.

Once we got below five years in the programme, we couldn’t fit everyone in one shot!

The roadshow moved on to Wellington the very next day, where the capital team packed out the Oaks Wellington Hotel conference room before dinner at the legendary Shanghai Restaurant.


A busy week concluded in Christchurch on 23 March at the Novotel Cathedral Square

There was no time to lose, with the Waikato/Bay of Plenty meeting on the following Tuesday 28 March at the Speights Ale House in Hamilton. The intimate venue created a more interactive session, with partners and staff alike taking the mike to explain what benefits their time with the company had brought to them. It really was a great evening to refresh our shared values and how they drive our commitment to our customers every day.

The original St. Pierre’s partner, Jack from Te Rapa, on the mic

The final in-person meeting was in the Hawkes Bay on Thursday 30 March, at the East Pier Hotel in Napier with dinner at Sri Thai. Online meetings for New Plymouth, Queenstown and Invercargill staff will follow soon.

Thanks again to everyone for making the events so special – and for your efforts Making the company the success it is! Here’s to sharing profits with our staff for years to come!