COVID-19 time off: We are here to help!

Hi everyone!

This is Glen from St. Pierre’s Retail Operations.

I’m writing to talk about the COVID-19 situation and what the company is doing to help.
Short answer: don’t worry! If you are required to isolate, you still get paid!

First, we know it’s a worrying time. NZ hasn’t had this much COVID before, and it is a concern. But please remember that we’re in this together, and we will get through it together!

Boosters are for everyone and available everywhere!

Also remember that – if we take precautions – Omicron is not so dangerous for most people. The best thing we can all do is keep wearing masks and washing our hands like before, and getting a booster (third) vaccine. It’s safe and free for everyone in NZ, whatever your visa.

If you haven’t had a booster, please get one ASAP. They’re available everywhere – you can make a booking or just walk in. If you need time, please talk to your manager – you can get a booster while on the clock at work.

There’s one more thing. If you get COVID, don’t feel embarrassed. Sadly, it is happening to many people. The most important thing is to protect your health and everyone else by isolating at home until you recover.

If you feel sick, here’s what to do:

A rapid antigen (RAT) test
  • If you have COVID symptoms
    • Cough, sneezing, runny nose, fever, loss of smell or taste, sore throat…
  • Tell your manager, and get a rapid test (RAT) from work, a testing centre etc.
  • If you test negative, talk with your manager about taking sick leave as usual
    • Whatever the reason for being unwell, please be socially responsible and stay home
    •      It’s the right thing to do for your team and customers
  • If you test positive for COVID, you need to isolate (at home away from other people) for ten days

If you test positive or are a household contact and have to isolate, don’t worry! Together, the company and the Government will support you. You can still get paid as usual for up to ten days. You just need to give us one of:

RAT test result samples
  • A photo of a positive RAT test
  • Formal instruction to self-isolate such as
    • A text message from the Ministry of Health
    • An email or diagnosis from a doctor
    • A screenshot from your COVID -19 Tracer App

Then you get paid 80%-100% of your usual pay.
You may be formally required to self-isolate even if you don’t test positive. If so, you get paid too.

After ten days of isolation and no more symptoms, people have recovered from Omicron. It’s then safe for staff to return to work, so please welcome them back, working as a team to support each other.

Remember, we’re in this together! Please try to stop the spread by good hygiene and getting a booster shot. If you do get COVID, please isolate to stop further spread!

Let us help you – and your family – stay safe and well!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your manager or me at Or look for information in other languages.

Finally, here’s a chart which can help if you’re still not sure:

Coming to all St. Pierre’s staff!

Hey everyone! From this week, we’ll be sending out this magazine in email format to all St. Pierre’s staff!
It’ll come to the email address you get your payslip at.

If you’d like the magazine at another address, or if you’re not a St. Pierre’s staff member and would like to hear from us:

  • Use the Keep In Touch! Signup box
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Talk soon,

Glen and the St. Pierre’s Magazine team

Customer service under Level 3

Hi again everyone!

In our last article, we talked about how we can reopen under COVID Level 3 restrictions. Thanks everyone in the L3 areas for working so hard to get up and running again! It has been amazing to see.

In this article, we’ll talk about what we can do to provide great service and ensure customer satisfaction in Level 3.

St. Pierre’s is famous for great customer service, and it’s natural to want to greet customers warmly and welcome them into our shops. Especially in the southern winter, or a cold Wellington southerly, we don’t want people to wait outside. But unfortunately, under Level 3 rules, customers cannot enter the shop.
So what can we do to make their St. Pierre’s experience pleasant? We get ready for them to arrive, and provide extra-quick service! Or we deliver to their home!

At Level 3, we recommend online pickup ordering (“click and collect”) or delivery. Our online ordering website is going strong, where customers can choose from our wide range of menu options, and pick up from their selected store at the time they choose. Or they can order via a 3rd-party delivery service, such as UberEats, Deliver Easy or Menulog (check what your store offers).

If a customer calls and asks how they can get their favourite sushi or hot meals, let’s offer online ordering or delivery!

Customers can just come without ordering and purchase at the shop door as long as they use contactless payment (PayWave). (No payment by cash at Level 3).

St. Pierre’s is well-known for providing service with a smile. That’s hard to show through a mask, but the warmth in your voice and actions will always shine through. While keeping a safe 2-metre social distance at the door, when a customer arrives

  1. Greet them warmly as you always do
  2. Ask them to step back
  3. Quickly get the bag with their order from the display fridge
  4. Put their order bag on the table
  5. Step back, and thank them loudly before they leave

Some of this might sound a little unnatural, but remember! We’re all fighting COVID-19 together, and customers will understand. We just need to keep doing our best to provide a warm welcome within the framework of the Level 3 rules.

And above all, let’s keep that extra focus on safety to keep customers happy, and help get everyone back to Level 2 and 1 soon! Hang in there everyone, and thanks again for your amazing work!