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Our annual profit sharing meetings were held in AUCKLAND, WELLINGTON, AND CHRISTCHURCH, and they were all great affairs, with almost 100% of associates attending.

We would like to thank all our associates for attending this very important event, which is the annual focus of the St Pierre’s Partnership.

It was a great evening, starting out with a Dinner for all partners, from which we moved on to the formal part of the evening.

During the meetings Perry pointed out that ours is indeed a very unique Company in New Zealand. He explained the difference between the St Pierre’s way, and most other Companies in our industry.

He showed how St Pierre’s is actually a PARTNERSHIP SYSTEM, where all eligible associates are partners in the Company, as reflected through our many Partnership programs, such as Profit sharing, Monthly Bonuses, Promotion Bonuses and other plans.

He explained that it did not matter who you were in the Company, whether a Manager, Assistant Manager, Team member or even part timer, you were all very important in the Company, and as long as you met the Profit sharing plan criteria, you would be  eligible for Profit sharing.

And what an allocation!  This was an allocation of approximately 12.7% of each persons annual wages or 6.5 weeks extra pay into each persons account!

This was a new record for Profit sharing and all due to the hard work, teamwork, and effort of all associates and our head office team.

Perry also explained that our Partnership does not come about just by luck, but through the EFFORT of all associates in producing GREAT Quality Food, having GREAT  Customer service, and always striving to BEAT our previous records and achievements.

Perry also discussed the importance of the St Pierre’s Way, and our Mission of “IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF PEOPLES LIVES THROUGH GREAT FOOD” and our values or the pillars of our Company. These were 1.  Partnership, 2.Teamwork, 3.Quality Food and 3.Customer Service.

We also recognized our 7 year Partners, who were Eric from Sushi Wholesale, Jenny and Gean from Pakuranga, Masaya from South City and Joanne from Tauranga. They were all presented with a beautiful trophy as symbol of the Company’s appreciation, and will also be eligible for an extra weeks holiday next year!

So come on everyone, lets try hard and have an even better year in 2010 and exceed our previous profit sharing records! Lets show we can do it by being the very best in whatever we do!!!

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