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Welcome to our latest staff profile!

Today we’re talking to Cris from the Facilities team, the expert at keeping your equipment running! Cris is from Romania, a historic, dynamic part of Europe… so why is he happy with St. Pierre’s in NZ? Read on!

Cris came to NZ with his partner in 2011. His motivation was simple: A lifestyle choice.

“I was looking to move somewhere new for my next challenge. My sister had visited New Zealand and told me it was a good place to live, so I decided to take the plunge.”

Cris played a key role in the
Onehunga shop: Fridges/freezers, machinery, power, gas, building contracts, building compliance…

After 11 years with St. Pierre’s, he has done just about everything here – accounts, payroll, facilities…

“I also worked as kitchen crew for one month at St. Luke’s. It was valuable, helping me understand how the front line works and what you need. And I got to know many people who are now managers – area manager Lili, Ivy in Tauranga, and Alfred at Te Irirangi. It was intense but fun.”

Cris has been in charge of Facilities for several years now, and loves his role.

“I like challenges, and hate boring repetition. Every day is different! We work with so many different people – shop crew to partners, tradies, landlords, new suppliers… you have to constantly adjust to work with such diverse business partners.”

Cris is in charge of everything in every St. Pierre’s shop working smoothly. For years, he has managed equipment like fridges, lighting and utilities, which his teammate Johnny So now handles. Cris is working more with landlords, building compliance, negotiating contracts and putting procedures in place.

“It’s all about being more proactive and finding a balance, keeping costs down but also reducing risk. I want to help managers meet their targets and keep their business running smoothly. I also want to help staff focus on customer needs with great products and service, with no annoying distractions from malfunctions.”

Over the years, Cris has worked in many jobs, and his experience informs his approach to productive work.

“It feels good when critical tasks are sorted, and you’ve controlled what you can control. When you set a challenge for yourself and achieve it, you should celebrate that. But a real challenge should be 30%-40% more than you know you can do. Pushing your own limits helps you grow.”

Celebrating the Onehunga shop completion with director Nick (left),
designer Annie, and new build manager James

Finally, Cris appreciates help from shop staff.

“Speed is critical. Please contact me sooner rather than later. For example, if a freezer is getting loud, vibrating, or smells strange, tell us. Even if you’re just concerned, tell us! Parts failure leads to higher costs of repair or replacement, wasted food, and worst case, a fire. We’re here to help you, so please get in touch.”

Cris and his team are unsung heroes at St. Pierre’s, working in the background to help our great shop crew achieve their goals. At St. Pierre’s, we’re proud to have amazing people like him on our team! We have a strong culture of being “people first”, supporting each other as we set challenging goals. Cris shows that the right attitude can take you far, and we’re sure he will continue to reach new heights! Here’s to everyone across the St. Pierre’s Group aiming high!

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