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Hi everyone! Today’s article is something different – it’s not about a person or a shop, but a website!

Within the St. Pierre’s Group, Sushi and Bento Bowl have long had their own sites, with the  menu and locations of everyone’s favourite sushi and Japanese hot meals. But even though K10 premium sushi train opened in December 2019, the only info online was on review sites and social media. With K10 growing steadily, it’s time to showcase the brand message independently.

K10 packed for lunch!

We’re proud to have recently launched k10sushi.com. Check it out! It highlights K10 as a special concept within the Group, related to but distinct from other St. Pierre’s departments. The food, dynamic train format and restaurant interiors are different, but the people at K10 are just as passionate and creative. The challenge was to present the distinctive energy of K10 online while still letting the heart of our business – our people – shine through.

K10 provided other unique challenges. The two restaurants have different personalities – Newmarket is in a bustling mall, whereas Ponsonby has its own quiet, sophisticated interior and unique décor. And the site needs cater to people who just want the basics quickly, and those who want detail. It’s a delicate balance.

The iconic train design on the Ponsonby shop wall

The solution was a scroll design, where visitors in a hurry can quickly flick through the menu and prices, locations and online booking. They pass images of the interiors, the food and our chefs in action – a balanced overview of what makes K10 special. Visitors who stay to look at the pro image gallery and Instagram feed can see videos showing the dynamic movement of the train, more delicate artistry of the food, the restaurant concept, and the latest specials.

In summary, k10sushi.com aims to be elegant, beautiful, and satisfy many tastes – just like the food!

Project lead Glen McCabe commented that

 “I’ve personally never built a website before and didn’t know where to start. K10sushi.com was only possible through the support from K10 restaurant staff, such as the service managers and chefs, and our support office team, including the designers, marketing, and customer support staff. It’s a great example of how people supporting each other can all achieve something new. Thanks so much to everyone involved!”

Most importantly, K10 is growing and website views are increasing. We hope that more and more people will discover amazing new flavours and culinary artistry at K10, enjoying our special brand of hospitality. Here’s to more people at St. Pierre’s taking on new challenges!

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