Merry Christmas from the Directors!

To our St Pierre’s family, 

I would like to thank you all for the amazing job and your dedication and commitment to our Company this year.

A recent (?) Katsoulis family photo

What a year! It’s been a year full of challenges, and I think you have met them all very successfully and with strength and courage! 

Like nearly all New Zealand companies in a Covid era we faced short staffing and people shortages like we have never seen  in our 38 years in business, with toughest in Queenstown and Central Auckland.

With the borders closed to immigration, it’s been nearly impossible to hire staff and also for many of you to go home and visit your loved ones in China and other places where restrictions on travel have been in place.

However I believe these challenges have made us a more flexible and stronger company with a greater will to be more experimental and find ways to fill our needs. 

Whether it meant employ more part-time people, students, or other, we met the challenge and have reached the end of the year with the strongest sales we have had in the history of the company. The strong high sales have led to record bonuses and dividends achieved ! 


Our amazing people Area Managers, Managers, support people, store Managers, Partners and store teams have pulled together to keep our stores open and trading for business and keep our customers happy, when many of our competitors and other stores had to stay closed often for days or weeks on end.

Congratulations again! 

At the same time several new stores were opened in Nelson, Karaka, Papamoa, and Ashburton as well as a new Head Office for the Company, which will serve our needs for many years to come… 

Our famous sushi giveaway on Ashburton opening day!

Truly an amazing achievement!

We re started our Awards Evenings again nationwide after a 2 year absence, and had 3 very successful mini conferences all live and which were attended by hundreds of you ! 

 Well done! It was so much fun to get together again! 

I understand that there have been many very stressful times for many of you, and I would like to appreciate you very much for all the effort and hard work that you have put into your work this year.

We have also been so fortunate also that the demand for our food has been strong, enabling us to have stronger sales than ever, proving that St. Pierres has a very important place in the NZ food market. 

However nothing could be achieved without your hard work effort and commitment.

Whether you are  a part-time worker full-time store worker, manager, assistant manager, partner, or work in our head office support team you are all truly appreciated!

We really appreciate your continued hard work, enthusiasm , and motivation.

You truly are the best!

Profit sharing 

Over the holiday break will be working on our profit sharing program and very early in the New Year will be announcing the dates for a profit during meetings. I look forward to seeing you all there! This time it will be a live venue as we have always had in the past and should be fun! 

Finally I would like to wish you and your families all the very best for Christmas, and let’s work together to make 2023 another excellent year ! 

Many thanks again and warm regards to all of you! 


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