Design and Project Management team Edwin & Jud

The department was born around the first quarter of 2008.

Two basic roles of this department is to assist St. Pierre’s in preparing designs and technical documents for new and existing shops as well as organising the process of its construction.
The department handled the project management of both Lunn Avenue and 280 Queen Street, almost one after the other during its early stages. It progressed to both the Design and Project Management of Ponsonby, Tauranga and Lincoln Road shops.
The process of designing the shops involves heaps of meetings and discussions with our directors, staff, shop owners, shop landlords, suppliers, tradespeople and city council even before the drawings on the paper can be finalised. It is very critical at this planning stage that all parts of the shop are clearly indicated in the drawings because it affects the time and cost of building it.

While all the technical documents are being processed by the city council and sometimes the landlord, the cost of labour and materials for building the shop is negotiated with several tradespeople. At this stage, there are several meeting on the actual site of the shop for further clarification of the method and process of building the shop.
Building the shop involves a lot of time management and coordination works with the landlord or owner and several tradespeople as well. There are also inspections from the city council being conducted during this period.

Close coordination with other head office departments Happen towards the end of the construction. The furniture, equipments and other things needed to operate the shop on the opening day are being organised for delivery and installation.
Once completed, the project will be reviewed to gather any positive or negative data/information on the whole process. This information is important for future projects as there might be some things that can be avoided and further improved.
Big, small, renovation or new projects will undergo the same process. In fact, the process of small improvement works are more complicated than new, fresh projects that starts from scratch.

The complex world of design and project management can only be properly navigated with years of experience in the building industry, years of exposure to business development and eagerness to face challenges.
Edwin Surtida
Bs Architecture

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