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It was a sad yet fun night earlier this year when we got together to farewell one of the “classics” of St Pierres, Maureen on her retirement. Speeches were made by all and there were many tears of farewell.  Maureen joined St Pierres in May 1999 so was an associate of St Pierres for over 10 years. She started in Newmarket, where she worked in the seafood department with Alfred, and then later Prasad. In the last couple of years she has been working at St Lukes with the team there. Maureen has always been a wonderful person loved all who worked with her. She was a great saleswoman, and a “police woman” in the Company, always being aware of suspicious behaviour. She made her mark in the Company in 2003 when she dressed as the glamorous “Tina Turner” at our annual party.

She has moved to Thailand to retire with her husband. Good luck for the future Maureen! You will be missed!!


  1. A great night enjoyed by all.Good food,great company and a few tears.The way all Farewells should be.Thanks Perry,Coral,Costa and Nick.Maureen said you and everyone else that came and gave speeches meant so much to her.She still rings once a week from Thailand.Just to make sure everyting is being done properly at St Lukes.She really is a policewoman.I’ve told her “retire woman”Thanks to everyone that came to say Goodbye.

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