Welcome to the revitalised St. Pierre’s news site!

Hi everyone! After a break, the St. Pierre’s news site is back up and running with a new look and new address! Welcome to the new https://stpierresmagazine.com !

The site has a new and clear focus: people. It is our people that drive our success, and you are special indeed. This site aims to showcase the best of you.

The name also makes the focus of the site clear: Partners in Success. Succeeding in work and elsewhere takes teamwork, and this company has grown because its people have formed partnerships that benefit everyone. The name also of course references our Partnership Programme, which now includes 25 store managers building your own future by investing in your own store.

We’ve recently been posting staff profiles, news about our people and achievements, messages from the directors etc. on the staff Facebook page, but with the growth of the Group, there’s just too much news to follow on Facebook. We’d like staff to keep using the FB page to share interesting and innovative things they’re doing in store, and this site will be for longer pieces worth keeping. Feel free to contact Glen, the editor, at glen.mccabe@mystpierres.net with any stories you’d like to share.

If you want to relive some classic event photos, good news: nothing has been lost. All of the news posted here until 2015 has been archived and re-sorted into the new categories. The top-line categories – Profit Sharing & Partnerships, Events & Awards, People & Achievements… – highlight what this site is about: celebrating the achievements of our people. We’re all in this business because we care about making a difference to people, be it our customers, by providing healthy nutrition, or our staff, through a positive workplace with opportunities for advancement.

The top image is also significant. It’s a panorama of the new Ponsonby shop interior, including three of our brands – sushi, Bento Bowl and K10 sushi train. Together with St. Pierre’s Seafood, our four brands each have their own identity and image, showing the breadth of passions and experience in our group, and also hinting at the amazing diversity of the people who create food experiences every day.

This brings us back to people. It is the people that drive any organisation to succeed, and our people are special indeed. This site aims to showcase the best of our people.

Please check back frequently, and look forward to more stories about the people who make a difference in their work and communities. See you soon!

Glen, editor

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