Reopening under Level 3

Hi everyone! Hope you’re staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.
This article is all about how our shops can reopen under COVID Level 3 restrictions.

The seriousness of COVID-19 can’t be overstated. Many people around the world have suffered from it, and it has reappeared in NZ. COVID is highly infectious, so with part of NZ now in Level 3, how can we safely reopen?

The good news is that St. Pierre’s shops already have very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, which are a prerequisite for infection control. Then we need to add some more measures to make sure that our staff and customers stay safe – while still providing customers with their favourite sushi and Bento Bowl fix!

Staff masked up and ready to go!

There are four main additions to our regular routine

  1. The Health & Safety Declaration
    • Every day before work, scan the QR code and fill in the form.
      This is really important to make sure no one is coming to work sick, and to help with contact tracing.
    • Don’t forget to also scan the black and yellow QR code with your Covid Tracer app
      Customers and delivery drivers also need to scan!
  2. Wearing a face mask
    • Staff must wear a mask at ALL TIMES in store. This is compulsory, no exceptions.
  3. Social distancing
    • Always stay 2 metres from customers
      This is important to ensure the virus cannot spread between staff and customers
    • Stay 1 metre from other staff wherever possible, and at least, work back-to-back

The greatest risk of infection is from people working while facing each other!

  • No customers enter the shop
    • Sadly, part of social distancing means staff inside and customers outside. No exceptions.
    • Place orders in bags on the table for customers to pick up, and step back

Here’s another way to remember what to do:

  1. Scan
  2. Sanitise
  3. Social Distance
  4. Sushi!

Tables with products all ready for customers to pick up!

Freshly-prepared products, ready for the display fridge

St. Pierre’s has a strong culture of being “people first”, supporting each other through challenges. Heading back to work with the threat of COVID is not easy, but together, we will get through this. Hang in there! With the procedures we have in place, we can keep our shops busy, our customers satisfied, and our communities protected.

Finally, there’s one more thing you can do to protect yourself, friends and family – get vaccinated. Everyone who is physically in NZ is eligible for a COVID vaccine – whatever your visa status. And it’s free to everyone! Please book yours now.

And thanks so much for your hard work everyone! We really appreciate how you’ve gone the extra mile to safely get your shops open under Level 3.

Our next article will be about customer service under Level 3. Look out for it, and stay safe everyone!

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