Introducing the 7 Steps to Partnership!

Hi everyone! Today we’re introducing an exciting development at St. Pierre’s – our 7 Steps to Partnership Programme!

Our Purpose as a company is creating opportunities for others to achieve their dreams, and one of our Guiding Principles is that we grow our People. The 7 Steps Programme is a framework for everyone to grow, no matter what level they are at now.

Our 7 Steps to Partnership, showing the two new roles

We want our staff to be ambitious and take on responsibility. We provide training to help you build your skills and confidence, so you can move up when you are ready. And at each Step, your pay will increase! We think it’s only fair to reward staff who want to learn more and improve their skills.

The new roles are Kitchen Trainer and Service Trainer. They provide an accessible route for crew members to be promoted, and a stepping stone toward becoming a manager. Trainers need to know all service/kitchen skills and can teach new staff. After a few months as crew, you could have the skills to be a Trainer without realising it!

We want everyone at St. Pierre’s to grow. Even if you don’t want to be a manager now, why not become a Trainer so you can help others and earn more for yourself?

Your manager will be in touch about how the Programme will work in your shop. No matter if you are new or experienced, there is room for you to grow. The Programme shows the way ahead. Please take up the challenge of learning more and earning more!

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