7 Steps to Partnership launch!

Welcome! This month, St. Pierre’s opened our 7 Steps to Partnership pilot programme to more shops, and staff engagement has been great!

We’ve built an automated system, where staff fill in a self-evaluation form with simple yes/no questions. The department manager then gets a notification email, reviews the self-evaluation forms, and answers yes or no to the same questions. Once the manager answers yes to all, you’re approved for a promotion and pay rise!

But what’s the point of this? Firstly, we aim to make you all aware of what you know. Self-evaluation means you rate your own learning. Taking a moment to think about what you know helps you be more confident in your skills, and realise what you have learned. The shops are always busy, so it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come.

Next, awareness of your own growth builds confidence! We want all of you to be confident in your work and confident that you can take on challenges of leadership roles! The programme is called the “7 Steps” because there are many opportunities for everyone to grow within the company. We want everyone to see a career path here, and walk that path!

Finally, that’s because we’re a growing company. Our current shops are expanding, and we’re opening new shops all the time. We want to bring in talented people, and help you all grow as far as you want to. We often talk about St. Pierre’s being a People First Partnership, creating opportunities for others to achieve their dreams. If you dream big, we want to be the place for you to achieve big!

If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at this week’s Staff Memo on your shop tablet, which has details of which shops have started the 7 Steps and how many staff have engaged. We’ve also got informative articles here and here, and details of the new Trainer roles here.

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