2023 Sushi Master Competition week two!

This Tuesday, the Sushi Master Competition hit Ponsonby in central Auckland. Check out the great pictures and videos!
Next week is the last semi-final at Oteha Valley on Tuesday 4th July at 5PM – if you’re in Auckland and think you roll great sushi, get in touch with Zoe!
And don’t forget the national finals back at Ponsonby, 5PM on 11 July – staff will be flying in from all over NZ, and everyone is welcome to come and watch!

Last week, we said the Sushi Master Competition is an “old favourite”… but we reckon it’s a new favourite too! Everyone who attended the Ponsonby semifinal had a great time, including the friends and family who came along in support!

Former Sushi Master winner, area manager Akiko showing us how it’s done – with fun!

This central Auckland preliminary round, on Tuesday 27th June, had the same format as the Wellington, Christchurch and south/east Auckland round: roll one classic teriyaki chicken avocado sushi as best you can, for as good appearance, speed, weight and food safety as you can. We had eight competitors from four shops, plus four head office staff trying to prove they could still compete with the best on the front line!

Bank from Newmarket Westfield Market Room about to take on the challenge!

Staff were inspired by working in the same space as the K10 Ponsonby chefs when they create their masterpieces for the sushi train – and the scores reflected their efforts! Check out the speed and accuracy in the videos!

Ponsonby sushi manager Bam setting a high standard for the home team!
Ponsonby sushi team member Gemma also impressed the judges!
Ponsonby bento team member Stacy showing her sushi skills!
Westgate partner Takeshi brought great skill and strong family support!
Bank from Newmarket Westfield Market Room brought his trademark energy and passion!

The judges had a tough time telling some of the great sushi apart – in fact, we needed another tiebreaker round to determine who made it to the big final in central Auckland on 11 July!

Nick, Bank, Bam, Costa, area manager Lili (judge) and area manager Yovina (judge)

After a close competition, Bam from Ponsonby, Bank from Market Room and Stacy from Ponsonby made it to the final in two weeks! They’ll compete for a $2,500 travel prize! (not to mention second place, third place, and crowd favourite prizes too!) Well done everyone!

All the sushi rolls the contestants created!

To finish, enjoy this bonus video of director Costa showing us he’s still got the skills!

We love friendly competition and making work fun at St. Pierre’s. Next week is the north and west semi-final at Oteha Valley on Tuesday 4th July. Look out for more photos and videos, and come support your team mates – see you there!

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