2023 Sushi Master Competition week three!

This Tuesday, the Sushi Master Competition hit Oteha Valley on Auckland’s North Shore on Tuesday 4th July at 5PM. Check out the great pictures and videos!
This was the last semi-final before the national finals at Ponsonby, 5PM on 11 July. Over 30 staff will compete, some flying in from all over NZ, and everyone is welcome to come and watch!

Team members from across west Auckland and the North Shore came to compete at Oteha Valley, with plenty of friendly rivalry and support for their team mates. The Oteha shop has lots of space to spread out, so staff could make plenty of noise and enjoy the fun!

Area manager Lili explaining the rules and format
Past champion area manager Akiko led off with her customary energetic demonstration!

This round had the same format as the Wellington, Christchurch, south/east Auckland and central Auckland rounds: roll one classic teriyaki chicken avocado sushi as best you can, for good appearance, speed, weight and food safety. We had 12 competitors from five shops, plus two directors trying to prove they still have it!

Staff gathered around, keen to see the results!

The west and Shore staff brought some serious positive energy to their efforts and supporting each other – and the scores reflected their efforts! Check out the speed and accuracy in the videos!

Successful contestant Amber from Silverdale showing her speed!
Boy from Takanini shop representing south Auckland with aplomb!
Hometown contestant Rie from Oteha Valley did a great job!
Rita from Lincoln Road showed her experience to win through to the final!

After a close competition, Harper from Albany, Rita from Lincoln Road and Amber from Silverdale made it to the final next week! They’ll compete for a $2,500 travel prize! (not to mention second place, third place, and crowd favourite prizes too!) Well done everyone!

To finish, enjoy these bonus shots of director Costa showing us he’s still got the skills – and is always the centre of attention!

All the rolls the contestants created!

We love friendly competition and making work fun at St. Pierre’s. Next week is the grand final at Ponsonby shop on Tuesday 11th July. Staff will fly in from all over NZ to come against the home town staff and see who is NZ’s sushi master! Look out for more photos and videos, and come support your team mates – and see you there!

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