Introducing the Japan trip!

Hey everyone! Have you heard? This Friday 29th September, we’re taking four managers on a one-week trip to Japan! Read on to find out who is going and what experiences they’ll have!

In July, 21 management team members applied, and after careful evaluation, the People & Partnership Dept. selected:

  • Annie (Northlink, Christchurch)
  • Crystal (Karaka, Auckland)
  • Toon (Market Room, Auckland)
  • Yohanes (Rotorua)

Here are some of the amazing places they’ll be going between 29th September and Friday 6th October.

Kappabashi Cook’s Town – 170 shops selling everything you could need to run a restaurant. Foodie heaven!

The Yamasa Soy Sauce factory in Choshi, Chiba. Founded in 1645 (!), this is where St. Pierre’s soy comes from

Mizkan vinegar factory – learning how the beautifully mild, sweet sushi vinegar is brewed

The Endo Foods ginger factory, a boutique operation which creates the perfect zingy match for our sushi

The Kewpie Mayoterrace experience, to learn all about everyone’s favourite Japanese mayo

Food ingredients for Taste (FiT) Japan, a massive trade show with over 800 booths!

Okachimachi, a bustling, historic market district

Oh and don’t forget the food! They’ll be enjoying…

Authentic sushi – both fun sushi trains and elegant hand-made sushi gems

Shinjuku Memory Lane – the last 1950s retro dining street left in Tokyo. It’s living foodie history!

Izakaya bar-restaurants – perfect to relive the day’s fun and learning experiences in style!

Ryujin Shuzo, a sake brewery with over 400 years of history

Fantastic tonkatsu and gyoza as recommended by our trading company partners

The Yokohama ramen museum, a celebration of the diversity of Japanese noodle culture

In our next article, we’ll profile the participants and what they want to learn in Japan – look out for it soon!

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