Introducing the Japan trip participants!

Welcome back! Here are two of the shop managers talking about what they want to see in Japan – check it out!

Annie (Northlink, Christchurch)

I have worked for St. Pierre’s since 2014 and been Northlink shop partners since mid 2020 – but I’ve never been to Japan!

I’m looking for inspiration about new ingredients, new ways to display food and ways to improve our service. Japan is famous for its attentive and engaging service, and I hope to learn from every kind of food place we visit.

Annie (on right) with husband Leo and director Perry

Crystal (Karaka, Auckland)

I’ve only been to Japan once, for a week ten years ago. It was such a short visit!

As well as learning about Japanese food culture more generally, I want to learn how our ingredients are produced so we can make the most of them. I also want to get new ideas about sushi – what new ways can we display products, what new products can we make with innovative use of our current ingredients, and what could we make with one or two new ingredients?

I want to get lots more ideas to meet the needs of different consumer groups, all of which will attract more customers and increase shop sales.

Crystal enjoying the great outdoors

We’ll be back soon with inspiration from Toon and Yohanes – look out for our next article!

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